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Biennial Venice 2024

Tesa 99, Arsenale Nord 

Looking for the Ark


At Tesa 99, Vanmechelen presents ‘Noah’s Ark’, a contemporary interpretation of the iconic Venetian water bus — the Vaporetto — transformed into a floating gallery. This vessel, carrying a microcosm of our world, serves as a call to reimagine our world. It reflects the human condition and urges us to navigate the turbulent waters of our existence with awareness, responsibility, and hope. The ark is flanked by by Vanmechelen’s diverse installations, guided by the belief that “The Future depends on forgotten memories.”

Exhibition Details 
Glasstress 8 1/2

Open from

20 APRIL – 5 MAY

29 MAY – 2 JUNE (boat show) 

20 JUNE – 25 AUG 2024


Opening hours: 11 am - 6 pm
closed on Mondays

Vaporetto stop: Bacini 

From the 1st of September, Noah’s Ark will find a new home in Venice

Partner of the Venice Pavilion

60. Esposizione Internazionale d’Arte

The Venetian ark-vaporetto carries with it a microcosm of our world, reflecting the human condition. Crowded to its very soul, this ark transports figures - from Frida Kahlo to Albert Einstein, from Mahatma Gandhi to Mother Teresa - who are emblems of human genius and philosophical thought. Each of them carries a message that transcends the limits of time and geography. The canopy of the ark houses a congregation of near-extinct species, a poignant reminder of the Anthropocene. These creatures, half in our realm and half in another, are a call for environmental consciousness. Together with the space shuttle, they invite a contemplation of the dual nature of human progress. For we are the others, the 'Book of Genome' also shows. And finally, the artist reminds us with a big neon sign of the importance of history: our future depends on what we do or do not remember from the past. In the backdrop of the Biennale, ‘Looking for the Ark’ urges us to navigate the turbulent waters of our existence with awareness, responsibility, and hope.

It is an artistic voyage, a tribute to Venice as a mirror of contemporaneity and history. A symbolic ark that does not wait inertly for the end of the flood: the ark is a memory, but also the sense of the future project that each of us, in the singularity of our souls and in our participation in the collective vision of society and the environment to which we belong, has built. The mooring and departure of a journey that looks to new generations, to the human and environmental sustainability of our planet.
Beatrice Mosca, curator and coordinator
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